San Ignacio de Loyola School

We are a private coeducational institution. We offer different educational levels ranging from Pre-school and Kindergarten, for children between 2 and 5 years of age; Elementary and Middle School, for children and adolescents of ages 6 to 15 years, and High School with Technical Baccalaureates in Computer and Business Administration, as well as Scientific Baccalaureates with emphasis in Social Sciences, and Basic Sciences and Technologies, for students between 16 to 18 years of age.

We opened in 1993 with the purpose of modernizing education, thereby accompanying the transformation processes that exist globally and, more specifically, in our country.


"To be a leading educational institution in Paraguay at the forefront of new educational trends inherent to a globalized society"


"To provide a comprehensive education that promotes the development of children and young leaders with a strong education in values, entrepreneurship, fluency in English, science and technology, preparing students to face high levels of competitiveness"

Management Team

The Management Team has a decisive role in the success of the various goals that reflect the Vision and Mission of the SIL, leading the process of improvement and change and motivating the community to achieve institutional objectives.


Quality and Educational Development Team

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  • Carolina Candia , Eng.

    I.T Coordinator and Technical Baccalaureate in Computer Sciences
  • Ruth Tejera

    P.E Coordinator
  • Ana Impagliatelli , B.A.

    Pre-School and Kindergarten Coordinator
  • María de la Paz Tellechea , B.A.

    Pre-School and Kindergarten Counselor
  • Cecilia Frutos

    School Management Coordinator Elementary Leve
  • Diana Avello , B.A.

    Counselor – Elementary Level
  • Mirian Silva , B.A.

    Assessment and Evaluation Coordinator – Elementary Level
  • Adriana Lovera , M.A.

    Pedagogical Coordinator - Middle School and High School
  • Nathalia González , M.A.

    Assessment and Evaluation Coordinator – Middle School and High School
  • Margarita Rodríguez , B.A.

    Counselor – Middle School and High School
  • Belén Ros, B.A.

    Academic Management Coordinator
  • Carmen Jiménez, D.A

    Scientific Projects Advisor and Coordinator of School Company
  • María Liz Cristaldo, B.A.

    English Coordinator - Middle School and High School
  • Sergio Vielman, Bac

    English Pedagogical Coordinator – Elementary Level
  • Mabel Sanchéz, Bac

    Pedagogical Coordinator – Elementary Level

International Cooperation and Agreements

Educational Pillars

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  • Education in Values

    Education in Values

    A fundamental pillar in the education of the students as they develop and describe the identity of the person, guiding their decisions and strengthening their sense of duty and responsibility.

  • Bilingual Education

    Bilingual Education

    Acquisition of thinking skills, intelligence, English and Spanish by understanding both languages in all their scope.

  • Leadership

    Education in Leadership and Entrepreneurship

    Promoting a proactive attitude towards life, the exercise of decision-making, the setting of objectives and the achievement of these through leadership for the benefit and service of others.

  • Technical

    Technical and Scientific Education

    Preparing students for their insertion into the job market, in the context of the dynamic advancement of new technologies, and with intellectual and ethical development.

  • Sports

    Sports Education

    Developing student´s physical and social potential, encouraging participation and self-improvement through the practice of group sports.

Supporting Associations